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Your Awesome Officiant - Cindy Adams

HEY Y'ALL!!  I'm a proud mom of four incredible adults: Makaeyla, Rhiannon, Joshua, and Alexandria. They bring so much joy and meaning to my life. My partner in crime and super supportive husband, Stephen, makes this journey even more special, and the most adorable and lovable cat, Oliver, completes our little family. 


I'm a true Texas girl at heart, born and raised, but now I proudly call the Volunteer State my home. I have been an Ordained Minister & Notary for 7 years, performing countless elopements and classic wedding ceremonies. The excitement and joy I get to be a part of is unexplainable. There is nothing like helping two people make their love official with big smiles and happy tears. When I'm not immersed in work or family, you'll find me pursuing my passions. Archery and horseback riding are my escapes, bringing me peace and a sense of adventure. And here's a quirky fact about me - I have a weird love for hugging cows! 

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Thanks for joining me on this journey, and feel free to connect with me about shared interests or causes that matter to you. Let's make the world and your big day AMAZING! 🌟

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