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Wedding Officiant  

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A Unique Officiant for Your Unique Love Story

Cindy Adams
Wedding Officiant & Notary

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Marriage transcends mere words or rituals; it's a daily act of love, selflessness, and commitment. Your wedding ceremony marks the beginning of this beautiful journey—a day to cherish, regardless of its scale.


I'm dedicated to helping you craft a truly special event tailored to your desires, whether grand or intimate, traditional or totally off the wall.


I am dedicated to creating the perfect start to your lifelong adventure. Marry for love, commit for life, and savor every moment of the journey ahead.

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Why Choose Knot & Seal

Preparing to embark on the journey of marriage with your beloved? Whether you're opting for a quiet elopement or a lavish affair surrounded by loved ones, the ceremony marks the poignant inception of your union. Your wedding encompasses far more than just delectable cuisine, captivating photographs, and entertainment—it's a celebration of the profound love and steadfast commitment you and your partner share.

With over a decade of dedicated experience, we are fervent about crafting memorable ceremonies that will be cherished for years to come. We approach our role with the utmost professionalism and dedication, ensuring seamless communication and meticulous planning for your special day.

Entrusting your ceremony to an experienced officiant means partnering with someone equipped with the expertise and resources to ensure everything unfolds flawlessly—even if pre-wedding jitters cloud your mind.


Our promise is to curate a ceremony that authentically reflects your unique bond as a couple or family, bringing to fruition the vision you've always held dear. We stand ready to guide you every step of the way. Click below to inquire about availability and arrange a consultation.

What's Your "I DO" Style?

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Intimate Formal Wedding
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Destination & Themed Weddings

The best way to reach me is through text/call @ 931-385-8618 between 7am & 7pm Mon-Sat and 1pm-7pm Sun. 

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